Is there life after birth?

It is almost a tradition to send my New Year greetings a little bit later and in a different form. This year a Priest, Henry Nouwen, has caught my eye. He is writing about hereafter.

bird-3058712_1920 cco geburt

An unborn twin couple is talking in the belly of its mother.

„Say, do you really believe in a life after birth?“ one of them asks.

„Of course, here we will grow and get strong for what’s coming outside.“ the other twin answers.

„I think that’s nonsense!“ says the first. „There can be no life after birth – how is that supposed to look like?“

„I really do not know that either, but it will be certainly much brighter than here, and maybe we’ll even walk around and eat with our mouths?“

„I’ve never heard such nonsense! Eat with your mouth, what a crazy idea! There’s the umbilical cord that nourishes us, and how are you going to walk around? The umbilical cord is far too short for that. “

„Sure, it is certainly going to work. It is just going to be a little different.“

„You’re crazy! There’s never been someone to return from after birth. At birth, life is over.“

„I admit that nobody knows what life will look like after birth, but I know that we will see our mother and she will take care of us.“

„Mother, do you really believe there is a mother? If so, where is she?“

„Well, here – all around us. We are and live in and through her, we could not be without her!“

„Nonsense! I’ve never noticed anything about a mother before, therefore she does not exist.“

„But sometimes, when we are very quiet, you can hear her singing, or feel it when she is caressing our world ….“

„I’m looking happy forward to what comes next“

I wish you, your family and friends all the best for this year and that your wishes become true. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Kind regards and best wishes



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